Windy Ridge Black Mariah

Reg. JK08/1909/3 Temp. Imp USA Reg No E-14673
Foaled May 6, 2008 Black

Bred By S & J Sewell, Windy Ridge Farm,
Box 156 Leslieville, Alberta, Canada TOM 1HD.

Mariah with Bryan driving, 2012/2013 show season. Photo, Peter van Dijk.

Photo: Lea Hullett, April 2012

Champion at the Clevedon Show (Auckland) with Bryan on November, 14, 2010.
Photo: Peter van Dijk — Digital Lea Hullett


Windy Ridge Eagles Blackhawk CAN 4706
Windy Ridge Marcela C-CDJE-1901
Scotts Gallent Eagle USA ADRA 2602
Windy Ridge Sugar II C-ADJE-1082
Black Bart CCDJA-1400 USA ADRA 1497
Mariposa C-CDJE-1175 FS-USA ADRE 3483
Scott's Jack USC AIL-S
Big John's Ginger USC AI2L-S
Windy Ridge Klondike Mike C-CDJA-222
Windy Ridge Blackstrap Mollasses C-CDJE-314
Siemon's Glenn SJJR37550 US
Wild Black Missouri SJJR37677 US
Don Quijote 62
Dona Tules

Photo below of Mariposa, Mariah's Granddam


March 1, 2010
This article first appeared in Canadian newspapers and has been reproduced here with permission.

Another First for Canada!

By Sybil Sewell

left: Mariah when she arrived at Lexington.

Despite threats of a Tsunami closing the Honolulu airport, a plane load of 17 horses that included a rare Mammoth donkey from the Leslieville, Alberta, landed safely, and was soon on its way to Auckland, New Zealand after refueling. Windy Ridge Black Mariah, a rising two year old registered Mammoth jennet (female) arrived safely in New Zealand some 18 hours later courtesy of International Racehorse Transport (IRT), a company experienced in shipping equines to almost all the world.

Windy Ridge Black Mariah was bred and raised by Carl and Sybil Sewell who operate Windy Ridge Farm Donkeys two miles south of Leslieville, Alberta, Canada where they have lived since 1982. They are longtime members of the American Donkey and Mule Society, and founding members of the Canadian Donkey and Mule Association and the Alberta Donkey and Mule Club. While they have bred donkeys for 39 years, their specialty has been Mammoth Jack stock since 1979.

Mammoth Jack Stock represents the largest size class of donkeys recognized in North America. The Mammoth is on the Rare Breeds List, and has reached critical status due to low numbers being produced and registered. The breed was developed from large European donkeys originally imported from Spain and Malta to the United States by George Washington in 1785. Further imports from Spain, Majorca and France later strengthened the foundation laid by Washington.

left: Mariah at the Chicago Equine Export Center. She has been clipped as she has to travel through the tropics.

right: Mariah in truck leaving the Chicago Equine Export Center for airport

According to Ron Black, Manager of the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation that keeps the registry for the Canadian Donkey and Mule Association, Windy Ridge Black Mariah is the first registered donkey ever to be exported from Canada to New Zealand. The Sewells are honoured to have Black Mariah as their first overseas export. The small farm's export record to the United States for the past 26 years has been largely due to a breeding programme concentrating on selected top American National Halter and Performance champions.

US National Halter and Performance champions such as Black Bart, Scott's Gallant Eagle and Siemon's Glen appear eight times in Black Mariah's six generation pedigree. Her sire is five year old Windy Ridge Eagle's Blackhawk, and her dam, a Black Bart daughter, Windy Ridge Marcela. Blackhawk is one of the last two sons of the US National Champion Mammoth jack the late Scott's Gallant Eagle, and the only one in Canada. Scott's Gallant Eagle provided the first export of frozen jack semen from USA to England with multiple mule offspring as the result ! Windy Ridge Eagle's Blackhawk has provided his first daughter as the first export of a registered Mammoth donkey to New Zealand.

Black Mariah left Windy Ridge Farm in mid January, 2010 in order to arrive in plenty of time for the three week quarantine period in Lexington, Kentucky. She was safely transported the almost 3,000 miles distance by Elliott's Equine Transport of Okotoks, Alberta. Due to some delays, that period did not commence until Feb. 4. Both Australia and New Zealand served by IRT, have very strict livestock import regulations. Upon arrival in New Zealand a further two weeks quarantine will commence at the special IRT facility near Auckland, before Black Mariah is released to her new home by mid March.

Windy Ridge Black Mariah's new owners are Bryan and Jenny Clausen of Awapuni Donkey Stud in Taupiri. They are looking forward to adding Mariah's special bloodlines to their small herd of Mammoth Jack Stock. Congratulations on a first for Canada and for New Zealand!

By Sybil Sewell

This photo of Mariah was from when she arrived at the Clousen's.

More photos of Mariah in snow