Coffee Hollow French Roast

Reg. JK99/1445/3. Imp USA Reg No 39144 AMJR A-11002 The American Donkey Registry.
Foaled January 10, 1999 Height 56.75 ins., Sorrel, white points.

Bred By Gail Flach, 825 FM 473, Comfort, Texas 78013, USA.

Photo Lea Hullett, April, 2012.


Coffee Hollow A-Male 38387
Dr. Aaron's Thrill Jill 38806
PCF's Lucky Buck 38304
PCF's Big Lady Red 38310
A-Jack's Old Hickory 39023
A-Jack's Jill Thrill
Tarzan (aka the Smith Jack)
Trice's Ole Mississippi 39051
Kenny Nelson Jennet

Coffee Hollow French Roast in 2006 with Lea Hullett (Webmaster) enjoying a ride.