Critters large and small

photo of deer photo of peacock

Awapuni is a dairy farm, but many other animals live among its lush pastures besides cows and the donkeys.

photo of Anglo Nubian goat kid and lamb photo of hen photo of hen

Childrens' play groups frequently visit. Children have an opportunity to ride a donkey, cuddle a soft rabbit, see the Anglo Nubian goats, birds, deer, fowl, emu, Miniature Belted Galloway and a dwarf miniature horse.

photo of white Fallow deer photo of dovecote photo of big goat
photo of Anglo Nubian goats

Anglo Nubian goat kids and Awapawa lambs are sometimes hand reared. The goats are in all colours and crowd the gate for attention, as do all the animals at Awapuni, whenever people appear. The sheep are the unique New Zealand rare breed which developed on Arapawa Island and are known by that name.

photo of white Fallow deer photo of Turkey and hens

photo of Hamburg rooster photo of Hamburgs

Hamburg hens are among the poultry. Hamburg's lay an egg a day, are not too big and come in some very intersting colours.

photo of deer photo of Emu

Emu and deer graze together.

below: Miniature Belted Galloway Cattle run with a newly calved Jersey dairy cow and calves are curious about little Poppet.

photo of Belted Galloway and Jersey cattle photo of dairy calves
photo of two dwarf minis photo of two pigs

Milo, a tiny dwarf mini. Kuni Kuni pigs and below, animals crowd around Jenny Clausen as she provides leftovers from the table.

photo of a crowd of animals

Photos Lea Hullett, April, 2006 - 2012.